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His artistic style takes the route of realism, and is usually depicted on canvas with acrylic medium. The common theme among his pieces is simply anything that peaks his interest. Thus you’ll find the subjects of his art range from professional athletes, musicians, and animals to his favorite characters from cartoons, video games and anime. 


JJ is also an adept graphic designer, having brought to fruition the ideas of hundreds of happy customers through

his creative logos, flyers and other digital works. Additionally, you can view his very own original Culture Cards collection, for sale at


Art remained a significant and rewarding interest of JJ’s from childhood up into his collegiate years. Hereupon he changed his major from Math Education to reflect his passion, and graduated in class of 2012 from UCONN, with a B.A. in Fine Arts. Thereafter he worked with a variety of youth programs (another labor of love for him), and multiple graphic design jobs. Inspired, following a serendipitous feature in a 2015 art showcase, he began to pursue such opportunities. Gradually becoming the self sufficient artist he is today. It wouldn’t be possible without all the people who commission his work, and support his pieces.


These days you can find JJ the artist leisurely painting at Lake Eola, or vending at local Orlando, FL events. Stay tuned to his instagram @JJ_THE_ARTIST for the most up to date information on where you can find him.

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